Should Illegal Immigrants Be Illegal Essay

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Why do people want to come here to live illegally, from one place to the next, work in low wages, never dare to show off their face anywhere because they’re afraid that they would get caught and deport back from wherever? Why would they want to leave their country, the place where they grew up, know the language, culture, and have all their relatives there? If there isn’t anything wrong, then such thing would not have happened already. They leave their country, come to a strange land, live illegally because back home, they cannot make a living. They come here to hope for a better life, or simply just a survival chance. Because not everyone has been living in those third world countries where jobs are not hired based on the applicants’ skill…show more content…
Of course, there should be law, and people should follow the law. The illegal immigrants come here have broken the law and should not be treat the same way as people who have entered here legally. Definitely not! Country has its laws and anybody want to live there should follow the law straight-up. Thus, the illegal immigrants should be punished through deporting back to their native country if within the period of time the they are here, they have just being slack off or breaking the laws such as stealing, etc. Then, they have no reason to say that the US didn’t give them the chance to be its resident, but it’s just their own fault. Illegal immigration should be eliminated, but the immigrants themselves should be treated with more understanding, instead of negative reactions. If every country is great as US (a free country), then the issue would not even come up. Freedom is always something that everyone want to have, some have it, some do not. Thus, for those who have not, they are trying to find it even if it means that they have to leave their homeland and come to a foreign country where they have no idea how to survive. It is the cause, and also, the strength that lead them to become the illegal
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