CYP Core 3.6 Assignment

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Assessment Task – CYP Core 3.6 WORKING TOGETHER FOR THE BENEFIT OF CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE. Q 1.1 . Explain the importance of multi-agency and integrated working? A. Multi-agency working is about different services, agencies and teams of professionals and other practitioners working together to provide services that fully meet the needs of children, young people and their parents or carers. Integrated working focuses on enabling and encouraging professionals to work together effectively to deliver frontline services. Schools are aware that some children’s families can have complex needs which may impact adversely on children’s health, well-being and learning. Schools are developing their role in responding to the wider needs of…show more content…
It is important to define what crime means and the meaning of confidentiality within your setting. Crime can cover a wide range of things such as taking drugs, prostitution, DVD piracy, benefit fraud, theft burglary, robbery, violence (GBH) or murder. It depends on how serious the crime is as to whether we break the trust between parents. Trust is paramount because you need trust within a professional relationship with parents/carers, without the trust, the child and their family is not going to be willing to share important information with us. If a child is being hurt or others such as abuse or violence/murder then it would be obvious that you have to break confidentiality to ensure that the child that you are looking after is not in any significant harm and is safe and protected. If however that crime that is suspected or being committed is DVD piracy then it is not going to be of significant harm to the child in your care so a blind eye should be turned because we need a good trusting relationship with the parents/carers and confidentiality should be treated as confidential. It is our job to make sure that the child/others are not in any significant harm and if they are not then it should be none of our business and we should respect our confidentiality policy and
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