Why Holocaust Distortions Happen

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Holocaust denial started from the creators of the Concentration Camp – The Nazis. Over time, the Holocaust denial has spread to a wide variety of people from the Iranians to even our own neighborhood. Holocaust deniers distort the history and view the existence of holocaust in their own desired perception. In this essay, I plan to explain for an audience of students that do not know some people are denying the existence of the Holocaust to avoid the distortion of history, to teach them the causes and reasons for the distortion, and to prevent these things from happening again. The Holocaust was a murderer. Approximately six millions Jews were killed and a total of nine to eleven million were murdered including the minority groups. In January 1933, Hitler, the leader of the Nazi party, came into power in Germany. The Nazis believed that the Germans were the most superior race and the Jews, the inferior race, were a threat to the German society. By using propaganda to sway and brainwash the German public, the Nazis began to blame the Jews for their economic instability. When the German public was fully brainwashed and thought of Jews as a “misfortune” to their society, the movement to segregate the Jews from the Germans had begun. Not only were the Jews segregated, but also Romas, the disabled, homosexuals, and other minority groups were thought to be baneful to the society and were segregated. These groups of people were sent to concentration camps which were part of Hitler’s plan to eradicate the Jewish population known as “The Final Solution.” Holocaust deniers range from Nazis themselves to Arabians and even historians. Nazis started denying and distorting their facts of wrongdoings when the war was not going well for them. Heinrich Himmler, the head of the Gestapo which was a Secret State Police also known as the SS, commanded the camp officers to annihilate and
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