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English “Viewed freely, the English language is the accretion and growth of every dialect, race, and range of time, and is both the free and compacted composition of all.” - Whitman, Walt The language that is spoken widely around the world, the one that is an official language to about 46 countries, the one that has been around for 1200 years ago- English. English is an important language especially in Canada since it is one of the two official languages. Many people learn the language when they begin to speak and continue to learn it throughout elementary, high school and university. English plays a significance role when it comes to a student in high school. English will help students find a way to connect better with people by having a better opportunity at finding a job. A way to communicate better within a society and also to learn and enhance what has been learned. When finding a job within a country that has English as an official language it would be beneficial to have the knowledge of English. Throughout high school, a student will learn a lot on how to communicate better to an audience by presenting their assignments to their classmates. With the communication skill it would easy to find a job without much to worry. When going into a society where English is highly valued, students must learn how to communicate with others. Many people, whether it would be friends or co-workers, speak English, and most people speak it well. In high school English, students learn how to communicate and how to write proper essays. With these skills they can have the benefit of adapting into this society. Students are always learning new things every day, English is no exception to that either. A way to write an essay, how to begin a letter, the format of an essay or letter, and a complete proper sentence are some things students will learn. English in high school will

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