Reading Ourselves And The World Around Us Alberto Manguel

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Reading is Key Reading is about learning. We all learn our ABC’s in kindergarten and learn the sound the different letters make. Every word is different and enticing when we are young children learning to read because we finally know what signs say and how to spell our names. Individuals use words and speak thousands every day. Most people write everyday whether it having to be a letter, email, resume, a note, or even just a few words on a sticky note. They all require writing and reading words. Reading begins at a young age and evolves over time, but it never outgrows us. Reading is a way of life; it is what we learn every day and what we go to school for. “Why Reading is the Most Important Thing You Will Ever Do” concludes how “[Expressing]…show more content…
When one learns new things in life, one will be successful. Whether somebody is a musician, architect, mathematician, teacher, or doctor everyone uses reading as a form of communication and documentation. Reading is everywhere from street signs, to billboards, picture books, magazines, internet sites, and even instruction labels. We can only be successful from reading by learning and studying and expanding our brain to remember more books and key points for tests and everyday life. For example, in the essay “Reading Ourselves and the World Around Us” Alberto Manguel says, “I had seen, over and over again, the letters that I knew were the names of the pictures under which they sat”(5). The author was recognizing the words he had already seen and began to realize the pictures matched the words forming below. The reading process was coming about for him through learning how the pictures were the meaning of the words and from then on he knew what the letters meant when he saw the word. The author begins to see other forms of words and becomes intrigued and he learns more words. Focusing on his experience of reading he became drawn to it and wanted to learn more and began to seek out more

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