LIU Adult Literacy Analysis

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The LIU Adult program which is located in Gettysburg is designed to help adults with their English proficiency level. Typically there is only one instructor and one substitute instructor to teach the class. With this in mind, adults also have children and there is usually one child care provider. As a result of a small staff, there is a need for volunteers in many areas of their program such as child care technical and English educational aides. Gettysburg College allows the students from the Education department and Spanish department to lend a helping hand at the LIU Adult program to go towards their academic requirements or community service hours. Since the LIU adult program is only two hours long after work, the adults that participate…show more content…
In an article called the impact of Authentic Literacy Instruction on Adult Literacy practices shows that teaching adults to understand English as it correlates to their daily lives makes a significant difference. Where traditional practices in the classroom are helpful to some students, authentic learning practices such as role playing and mimicking real life situations to make connections for the adults helps many other students (Purcell-Gates Et all. 2002). These practices can be used everyday anywhere at any given time. Inevitably, creating a connection visually realistically or even hypothetically can simplify the concepts of grammar, listening speaking and writing…show more content…
Some opinions about Adult Education are negative in saying that adults should not have the rights or privileges to learn English. There is an objection to the adult learning and that the U.S. should focus solely on the children of these adults. If this were the answer to resolving the issue then we need to rethink our current situation. Immigration will continue to increase in America and not educating the Adults would pose a harmful threat to our country. Adults are children’s first teachers before they enter the education system and in saying that our focus should solely be on the adults children would be a detriment to a greater cause. I have learned much from the LIU adult program and formulated opinions on working with parents and young adults like myself. They have dreams and goals just as much as native born people have. We should not be the reason why they cannot reach their dreams. Children look up to their adult figures and not developing this important factor will cause serious issues in the near

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