Do Hard Things

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Do Hard Things: Chapter One: We don’t think ‘average teenagers’ exist,” write the twins. Explain what ways you think popular culture misrepresents what the teen years are for? Think of one thing that would change if you and your friends believed—really believed—that low expectations were ripping you off? Answer: I think that older people hold teens to a higher standard than what they were held to when they were teens, most of them had to work and take more responsibility. Now I think that times are different and teens now don’t have to take much responsibility, but that does not mean we are not capable if the opportunity presents itself. I would start a teen revolution that would make teens start taking on adult life. Chapter Two: Explain how Heidi Bentley blows the normal cultural expectations of teens away. Answer: She holds the teens to a higher expectation than needed. As a teen I know firsthand that it only takes someone older to say that I am not responsible or capable enough for me to want to prove them wrong, although that’s probably exactly what they’re looking to get out of me. Chapter Three: Discuss what the sections “What the Bible says about Teens” and “Breaking the Twine” is about. The bible says that there is no category for teenagers or adolescence and the word adolescence means to grow up. Our culture today is over defined by teenagers. We need to break the rut that teens are in and show that we are responsible and capable of much more. Chapter Four: Explain what a “kidult” is and how it has crippled teenagers. Answer: A kidult is someone who goes above and beyond any expectations that could have been given. They break the barrier of not being capable and send it to being an over achiever. This has made the average teen seem like a lazy, un-driven kid that has no future when in reality he has just not ripened yet. Chapter Five: Summarize

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