Causal Analysis Paper "Monkey See,Monkey Do"

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Monkey See, Monkey Do I wish people could just be unique in their own special way, and not just what is “hip,” or “in” at that moment. We were all made to look different and to be different, not to look like everyone else. I always had my own “look” in life. I never followed the trend. I guess you would say I wanted to look like “me”, and not everyone else. Everywhere you go you see all the girls with the same hair, make-up, and clothing. For example; I went into Wal-Mart the other day, and within eye view I seen four women all wearing the same hairstyle. They had bandanas wrapped around their hair like the pin up girls for the Rockabillies. They all looked the same. For me I would rather stand out, than to blend in. I was taught to be a leader, not a follower. I want to set the trend, not become it. When you start following other people’s style or trend just to fit in, you can lose yourself in the process. You start doing things you would never do just to feel cool, or wanted. This attitude can be very harmful to you as a person. You start doing things against your own will or moral. This type of thinking can eventually change your outlook on life, and might get you in trouble in the long run. For instance; you do not think for yourself anymore, you are thinking about what others want you to be, not who you are. My father told me that you do not need to look popular to be popular, it’s your attitude and outlook on life, not your clothing. It’s so sad to see young girls trying to fit in with the older crowd. Teenagers should enjoy their teen life and not try to grow up so fast. Someday I hope that the new “hip” or ‘in” thing will be everyone rocking their own unique style. Having all of them set the trends and not becoming it. Maybe someday people will be comfortable just being themselves, and being comfortable in their own skin. Great minds

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