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In a recent article published by The New York Times, writer Matt Richtel presents troubles associated with sharing passwords in the age group of about twelve to seventeen. Richtel writes, “Young, in Love and Sharing Everything, Including a Password,” an article describing how there is a societal belief that password sharing is becoming a new conformity and a sign of trust among teenagers. To further his rebuttal on sharing passwords, Richtel brings in a second topic, sex. He explains that much like password sharing sex brings along many of the same consequences. However, in my own opinion, I believe that conformities exist amongst sex and password sharing but I cannot accredit them as good comparisons. Although, I agree that password sharing is not an acceptable action to be condoned, I find the illustration of sex to be on a different rank of importance. Through the use of perceptions accepted during teenage years, the author makes it apparent that in current time’s password sharing is a widely known phenomenon. Teenagers have always been exposed to peer-pressure and conformities so that they can “fit in,” but do not think in depth of the consequences that follow. Through the use of interviews with young students on the topic, Richtel verifies this occurrence to be true. He further explains through these interviews that teens do in fact succumb to sharing passwords out of ignorance to what they should be doing because of how naïve they are. One student he interviewed bluntly stated that it was a form of trust to her to share a password with a boyfriend. She provided further detail by saying that she and her boyfriend share their passwords as a form of trust because they had nothing to hide from one another. I don’t believe a situation such as this one to be a proper reason to share a password. Trust is the key to anyone’s relationship, but the idea

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