Foreign Students Have Language Difficulties in Their Classes

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Foreign Students have language difficulties in their classes Even though many foreign students can pass an English proficiency test to get into the academic because English is the international language, they have language difficulties to integrate themselves into the classroom and college community. Since English is the second language for them, most of the foreign students are not familiar to speak English fluently. Moreover, they have limited time to learn English in class, and they don’t have enough encouragement to practice English outside of the class. As an effect, the international students have difficulties to communicate in English in their college career. Therefore, the best way to overcome the language difficulties is forcing the students to speak only English in the class room, and joining college activities and conversation club to interact and practice with other English language learners and native speakers. There are many benefits to this solution. First of all, the students are convinced to be brave about speaking English regardless of bad grammar and errors. Therefore, they will be more confident to participate in the class discussions. Second, since they have the conversation club including classmates and others English learners, they can practice and learn each other during that time, so speaking English will become their daily routine by doing that activity. Third, interacting with the native speakers provides the social benefits such as cultural differences and other perspectives. In addition, foreign students who have the friendship with the native speaking students become more integrated into the school community. Some international students who are not learning the English as a second language may object to speak only English in the class room. They may ask why the students have to speak only English during class hours. However, the

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