Why Do Gun Control Laws Cause Gun Violence?

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What does motivate people to kill someone with a gun? There has been many gun violence throughout history. “Guns and Violence” by an unknown author states that “blame is placed on everything from violence in the media, video games, and music to the popularity of gun ownership and what some feel are overly lenient gun laws”. This author believes that the United States is facing a gun-violence crisis. From what I have heard on CNN or FOX News, I also believe that the United States has an unbelievable numbers of murders. The article “Guns and Violence” is about gun violence that has occurred. The Second Amendment, which states people have the right to bear arms after a compete background check. Not all guns are able to be owns, “carrying of dangerous and unusual weapons such as machine guns is not guaranteed” (Guns and Violence 2). It always says that allowing children to carry guns at school is prohibited. No state can make a law that can take away any of the second amendment right to the people of America.…show more content…
Brady Bill made a law that requires a five day waiting period and a background check. Even though the law as are different from state to state, all states have one thing in common, which is reducing children’s access to any weapon. There are many children that live in a house that have easy access to guns. Due to easy access to guns at home, children decide to show friends at school or even kill someone. The law requires being at least 18 to buy a gun and violence game but i know for a fact that parents or old siblings buy game for the underage
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