Right To Bear Arms Research Paper

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“Compare the rate of murder by gun in the United States to the rate in any other advanced industrial nation, and you’re forced to draw one of two conclusions: Either there are far more homicidal people in this country than just about anyplace else on Earth, or far more guns.” (Meyerson December 19, 2012) The Second Amendment gives people the right to bear arms to people who in most cases will not need them. I believe that this should be changed. Though there are people that say that the right to bear arms is only self-defense, but in reality who will there be that you are going to need a gun to defend your self against? In the United States there are 89 guns for every 100 people, on average. Meanwhile in countries such as Austria, Norway, Sweden, Germany and France there are about 30 to 32 guns for every 100 people. When the founding fathers created the Second Amendment they meant for it to be a way for one to resist any form of oppressive government, not to defend yourself against any other individual. Extensive background checks should be made on people who want to attain a gun. Also the license to have a gun should expire every year, therefore a new background check…show more content…
“Moreover, this procedure should include medical checks, full criminal history, and a police interview to prove they actually need a gun.” (Ceperkovic January 3, 2013) As said in this article, people should actually need a real reason to have a gun, not just for self-defense against any one. Police usually are only in possession of a 9-millimeter semi automatic gun with them, so I do not see why a civilian could have more for no reason. In a study from Harvard in 1999 people in their community begin to feel less safe if people begin to carry guns. Also 90% of Americans believe that civilians should not be able to take guns into public
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