Why Did Ww1 Begin?

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Wednesday 26th September Why did World War 1 begin? The main cause of the outbreak of World War 1 was the assassination of the Archduke of Bosnia, Franz Ferdinand. Austria blames Serbia for this because of a group of terrorists called the Black Hand. They want to kill him because they did not like the fact that Austria-Hungary ruled Serbia. So Austria declares war on Serbia, and Belgrade is bombed. Russia gets its army ready to help Serbia against the Austrian attack because Russia is allies with Serbia, Britain and France, they were known as the Triple Entente. Germany then sends a letter to Russia saying to hold back its army and to not help Serbia, Russia doesn’t listen and so Germany declares war on them. It also moves there army into France and Belgium so they cannot help Russia defeat the Austrian attack. The French army are then put on war-footing so they are ready for when Germany attack. Once Britain hears that Germany has declared war on Belgium and France it orders Germany to withdraw its army from Belgium. Germany doesn’t listen to Britain’s command so Britain declares war on Germany. Then Austria finally declares war on Russia. Long-term causes of WW1: Imperialism is a big cause of WW1 because many countries were building up their empires; there were disagreements over who would control which areas of the World and countries were becoming jealous of other countries, this caused arguments between the countries. Nationalism was another cause, each country felt that there’s was the best and wanted there’s to be above all the others. They wanted to promote their culture and interests to other countries and try to control them. The two alliance systems were the Triple Entente (Britain, France and Russia) and the Triple Alliance (Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary). Countries had started making treaties and non-aggression pacts and how if the joined
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