Imperialism 1870-1914

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Tools, strategies, and methods the Europeans used to develop and control their imperialist empires in the period of 1870-1914 were that in the 1800s European nations had grown stronger while several older civilizations (ottoman middle east, Mughal, India, Qing china )were in decline. They used imperialism (domination by one country of political, economic, or cultural life of another country or region). West African wars among Africans, damaging effects of slave trade had undermined established empires, kingdoms, and city-states. Newer African states not strong enough to resist western onslaught. European powers had advantages of strong economies, well organized government, powerful armies/navies. Superior technology (riverboats, telegraph,…show more content…
Economic rivalries soured international atmosphere. Germany’s growing economic and military powerhouse Britain felt threatened. Germany feared Russia would catch up with their huge population, vast supply of natural resources. Militarism glorified military fed arms face. Young men dreamed of hero. Nationalism strong in Germany and France. Germany proud of new empire’s military power. France bitter from Franco-Prussian war wanted to recover Alsace and Lorraine. Also Austria-Hungary’s king and family visited Sarajevo- Bosnia was assassinated by conspirator Gavrilo Princip Austria striked back in revenge. But the most important came from countries distrust for one another because it led the Great powers of Europe-Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Britain, France, and Russia signed treaties pledging to defend one another. These alliances were intended to promote peace by promoting powerful combinations that no one would dare to attack. But 2 huge alliances emerged in the end. France longed to avenge its defeat in Franco-Prussian War, Bismarck signed treaties with other powered thinking they wouldn’t attack Germany alone. Emerged to triple alliance with Italy and Austria-Hungary. In 1914, Germany, Austria-Hungary fought on same side- became known as central powers. Rival bloc took shape when France and Russia formed alliance by signing an entente (nonbinding agreement to follow common policies led to close military and diplomatic ties). Britain signed similar agreement with Russia. These powers were known as the allies. Other alliances also formed between Germany- Ottoman-empire,
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