Why Did the Us Enter the First World War in 1917?

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Why did the US enter the First World War in 1917? There were a number of factors that combined to essentially force the US to enter the war. However some factors were more significant than others into why the US joined the First World War in 1917. There were political and economic reasons for this. A desire to protect American citizens was a crucial factor in the US entering the war in 1917. The sinking of the Lusitania by the Germans on a passenger ship was seen as a threat to Americans and created a feeling of hostility against Germans in America as the Germans had clearly killed innocent Americans. It pushed them further towards war in order to make sure their citizens were safe. The Zimmerman telegraph was also very significant. This telegraph which showed a potential alliance about to be formed between Mexico and Germany eventually became the deciding factor that led them to the war. This was a significant threat to the geographical position of Mexico. This led to America being forced to act as it was also a direct violation of the Monroe Doctrine and it was a direct threat to US citizens so the US. These events both had severe potential consequences from Mexico and Germany to America’s trade and security so it had no choice but to go to war. There were also economic reasons. The US had given huge loans to France and Britain and relied on them heavily for trade. An allied victory was in America’s interests in order to protect American investments and this was definitely a key factor in their involvement in the war. America could not ignore the rise of Japan in the pacific. American economic interests in the pacific made it inevitable they would be rivals with Japan. These economic reasons while not being the crucial reason would still have been significant enough to sway America towards war. Another crucial reason why America joined the war was
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