Why Did the Schlieffen Plan Fail

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WHY DID THE SCHLIEFFEN PLAN FAIL? Germany was left in a dangerous encirclement by the triple entente agreement. Germany’s army had a planned to counter this threat and COUNT ALFRED VON SCHLIEFFEN would devise the plan. Germany concentrated on its troops the west to b able to conquer France. They would turn around their army and attack Russia because Russia was expected to take long to mobilise its enormous but undated army. The plan was completed by Schlieffen in December 1905. Schrieffen last words before he died was ‘’keep the last wing strong’’. The Schlieffen plan failed because of the new chief of the general staff HELMUTH VON MOLTKE. Molkte believed that Schlieffen plan was risky. He took 180,000 troops from the German right wing to defend Alsace-Lorraine. He thought his changes made the plan faster but they were disastrous because by taking troops from the right flank, he weakened the first and second armies. These armies would have conquered the most ground in the least time and the second one was by concentrating the invasion through Belgium, they ensured that Britain would become involved in the war. The other reason why the plan failed was lack of mechanised brigades, because most of troops had to carry their full battle equipment, weighing up to forty kilograms. Soldiers were under pressure to move quickly having met strong resistance. This led the soldiers to have severe fatigue which means the really tired this could have been one of the cause why the plan failed because they were tired and decided to take a short cut. This was wrong because the plan had directions and any mistake would make the plan fail. Another reason why the plan failed, the Germans were not expecting any resistance from Belgium, but the Belgium army fought bravely and helped managed to delay the German advance. Members of the BEF arrived to help and the Germans were held up
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