In 1914 a Mismanaged Balkan Crisis Caused the Powers to Stumble Into a General European War, Which Would Have Been Avoided in 1908 and 1912. Hfdya? Essay

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In 1914 a mismanaged Balkan crisis caused the powers to stumble into a general European war, which would have been avoided in 1908 and 1912. HFDYA? There are a number of factors to consider and understand why the events of 1914 in the Balkans caused the powers to fall into a war, when it was earlier avoided in 1912. However the situation consisted of long-term factors aswel as short term factors. The long-term factors that would have built tension and rivalries throughout Europe are the alliance systems and the arms race, whereas the short term factors would be the mismanaged crisis, the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, which was ultimately the trigger of total war. The Balkan crisis 1908 -12 both increased the likelihood of war. As there had been tensions growing since 1912 between the Serbians and the Austro- Hungarians after their attempt to secure control. These tensions were inevitably going to cause a war; as in the words of Otto Von Bisamrck, quoted at the time, a war was going to brake out due to “some damn fool in the Balkans.” The first Balkan crisis of 1912 didn’t break out into war, however it left tensions high. As Serbia’s confidence was now at its peak, as there sized had doubled, and the army had increased to 400,000, so if the were now confronted by the Austro- Hungarians they were now willing to fight. This confrontation was then sparked by the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, which inevitably led to the Austro-Hungarians declaring war onto the Serbians, leading to the creation of world war 1. Overall the mismanaged Balkan crisis can be argued to have caused the war as the leading powers failed to handle and diffuse the tensions before it did, knowing that the Balkans had the potential to spark a world war, in the words of Bismarck. However the July crisis 1914, did not necessarily make war inevitable as had the crisis been contained
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