Why Did Titus Build The Colosseum

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br House and begun upon its site this massive theatre planned for the games and spectacles which the ancient Romans regarded with affection and tenderness . The Colosseum was finished by Vespasian 's son Titus . The Colosseum was almost ready for use when Vespasian died in A .D . 79 . Titus opened it , still unfinished and imperfect , in A .D . 80 , with impressive gladiatorial games . The amphitheatre was completed by Domitian , Titus brother and successor , and later had to be reconstructed several times because of fires due to lightning and damages due to earthquakes . The Colosseum was the largest amphitheatre in the Roman world , and modern estimates have put the capacity in the region of fifty thousand spectators . Colosseum was constructed for the purpose of gladiator fights . To see the fine points of the combats the audience was concentrated around the contestants as closely as possible hence the Colosseum - an huge oval of seats looking down upon a central arena The Colosseum - a Building for the People In building the Colosseum , Vespasian was strengthening his power . The Colosseum must have provided long-term employment for many skilled craftsmen and labourers alike . This contributed to a general feeling of prosperity and regeneration in Rome . Such a…show more content…
Standing isolated beyond the Forum , in the low area between the Palatine , Esquiline , and Caelian hills , this beautiful building was easy to enter from the center of the ancient city . Yet , it was isolated enough to permit the easy movement of a large number of people . In entering the great amphitheater the visitor must direct his investigations , in the first place , to the way in which the vast crowds of spectators were handled , controlled , and distributed over the seats on showing days and then , to the

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