How Did Julius Cesar Build Rome

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Sandra Quinones HIS 103 World Civilizations I Instructor: Pamela Huckins Wednesday, August 01, 2012 There were many things that the Roman Empire had from ambition to lust and even murder. But the one thing that had set Rome apart from any other cities was its technology and engineering, and the technology that the Romans had achieved with the building of huge buildings, stadiums and roads and aqueducts made the Roman Empire one of the most power nations in the world. As early as 44 B.C when the most powerful roman of all was found dead on the senate floor murdered by his own people, Julius Cesar had engineered a rise to power that would never be challenged. The one thing that Julius Cesar wanted to do, that no other person had ever done…show more content…
They were built over the centuries with the technology they have learned. It was the stuttering Claudius that had the greatest impact on Rome’s water supply and during Claudius’s regain from 41-54 A.D. Claudius did things Julius Cesar himself did not accomplish. Claudius moved his reach feather outward to Britannia and he also built two major aqueducts called The Aqua Claudius and The Anio Novis, which allowed more water to flow into the city. The aqueducts were built on slop in order to keep the water flowing evenly throughout Rome and the technology was that aqueduct’s were slopped on an angle just 20-30 miles away from the source of the water. Now to make the waters decent nonstop they dug tunnels through mountains and when the water was very low like near valleys stone walls were built in order to keeps the water flowing. They used the building materiel that they used when making the roads which also let the Romans make a new way to make the walls stronger by inventing the arch.With the building of the arch that was built around a wooden frame, it allowed the arch to build the wall higher if it had to be more the 30 feet high and they could put more stacks of walls on top of it. This is just some of the technology that we see Rome has

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