Roman Expansion Hurt Rome

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I handed in this essay and got a 100 so i hope it helps ;) Roman Expansion Essay Rome started out a small city in the middle of the Italian Peninsula, near the Mediterranean Sea. Soon it’s influence spread through out the whole peninsula, and by 265 B.C. Rome dominated the region. Carthage, a large city with extensive military control, became worried of Rome’s newfound power and by 264 B.C. the two cities went to war. This skirmish was the first of three wars between Rome and Carthage, which are now known as the Punic Wars. Rome’s final victory over Carthage in 146 B.C. gave Rome control of most of the western Mediterranean, but still they pushed for expansion. By 46 B.C., through the military genius of Julius Caesar, Rome conquered most of the land surrounding the Mediterranean, which was most of the known world at that time. However, this expansion hurt Rome more than it helped Rome. The Romans had an ever changing government to meet the demands of a growing empire. At first Rome had harsh Etruscan kings, but they soon had enough of these cruel tyrants and eventually ran them out of Rome. In there place they created the Roman Republic, which was modeled after the Greek Democracy. The Republic was mostly made of aristocrats at first, but later, through protest, it included the lower class. With the lower class having some power, they could argue unfair laws and have their say in the government. However, after the expansion there was a reduction in Republican policies. Over time, their Republic became more of a oligarchy, then converted into a dictatorship. The expansion weakened the stability of the Roman government and it virtually collapsed. As the Empire grew, the gap between the rich and poor Romans became more pronounced. Before the expansion, the rich patricians tried to support the lower plebian
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