How Did the Romans Control Their Empire

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How did the roman’s control Their empire? At its height, the Roman Empire spread from Iran in the East to Spain in the West and Egypt in the South to Scotland in the North. Ruling a huge empire meant they needed many ways of staying In control which included: the Army, the Government, Non-Romans, Buildings, Trade and Communication. Army; The Roman army had a massive part in controlling the empire by having the best weapons and armour. Also they were well trained and had excellent tactics such as the Testudo (‘tortoise shell’) . This was particularly important because if the Roman didn’t have a good army then they wouldn’t have been able to conquer all those countries. Government; The Government also had a part in the control in the empire, they had very clear laws. Even if people like the law they could see that it was fair. This Is important in the controlling, however not as important as other reasons such as the Army or Trade. Non-Romans; In the roman empire , Romans were very open to Non-Romans , foreigners had no trouble becoming generals or sometimes even Emperor which made it even easier for new people to integrate in Rome. This isn’t really a huge part in controlling the empire in the sense that Non-Romans had no real authority with Rome’s going on with conquering’s unless they were in the Army. Buildings; The Roman soldiers weren’t only warriors but also were skilled builders, they built roads so messages could be sent easier across the empire, also they built aqueducts which brought in clean water and made the people happy. They also built forts which help protect them when in battle. This made a big impact on the empire because it made it easier and happier; easier by building forts to help battles and happier to build aqueducts to give clean water. Trade; The Romans did a lot of trading. Goods
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