Why Did The Puritans Change Over Time

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Puritans are people, who seek both purity, and god worship; appeared firstly between the sixteen and seventeen century in England, when Queen Elizabeth replaced Mary (who was known to be catholic) as queen. They are Protestants thought that the Anglican Church was like the Roman Catholic Church and separate the Church of England and follow Elizabeth religious. What happened in the beginning is that (bloody) Mary" I" (because she kills people who disbelieve and avoid Catholicity) broke the protestant movement in Euro and applied the Catholic modal, in which she changed and caused interventions in the Church by keeping the religious practices intact. And so when Elizabeth took Mary place in ruling the land, Protestants looked at Anglican Church as too much like the Roman Catholic Church and started to follow the Elizabethan religious, and ever since people started to call them "puritans".…show more content…
Not to mention that he also disliked the power that the bishops had in the church and many puritans disapproved of bishops appointing church ministers, they grew up to be threat to the throne and so Elisabeth ordered to build the Anglican Church. When James Stuart took the throne many puritans felt relieved, for many puritans worked under his rule, but later on when Charles I took his place things started to be unwanted by the puritans, because he married a catholic woman (Henrietta Maria), and so large numbers of Puritans were immigrated to North America. The civil war took place and the pertains took control of the land in the end ,however they lost control of government
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