Why Did Kennedy Win The Civil Rights Movement In The 60's

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Running in the 1960 Presidential political campaign, candidates had to overcome issues of the world. Some of the issues addressed while running in the 60’s were the integrations of whites and African Americans, the African American “sit-in” protests, which upset many white American citizens. After a plane was shot down over Russia, America admitted sending planes to spy on the Soviets, which resulted in a cancelation of a meeting between President Eisenhower and Khrushchev. This resulted in the United Nations becoming panicked for further outburst of communism. Americans were developing new weapon like the hydrogen bomb to expand American weaponry on foreign countries. America was battling with Russia to send the first space shuttle into space for scientist so they could study the moon and outer space. More inventions being made for public like air conditioning…show more content…
Nixon did not attempt to gain the African American vote, due to African Americans trying to desegregate themselves. Nixon thought if he supported the African Americans he would lose votes of American voters. Opposing Nixon, Kennedy supported the desegregation of African Americas from the American population. Kennedy reinforced the civil rights movements and went on record stating he has and will endorse Martin Luther King Jr’s acts after Kennedy secured King’s release from imprisonment. Kennedy’s campaign advisers advised him not to support the African American race because he would lose voters in the south. The African vote gave Kennedy the winning margin in the race ("John f Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum"). Gaining the heart of all the American people gave Kennedy that winning victory to his
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