Fail Safe Dilemma

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Fail Safe Dilemma After viewing the film Fail Safe, many ethical dilemmas arose which caused each character to face one. A specific ethical dilemma that occurred affected the President of the United States. In this dilemma, the United States and Soviet Union had a huge argument and came close to a nuclear war. If this had happened, both countries would have been demolished and neither country would have gotten what they wanted. However, an electronic failure that processed to the fail systems told the bomber pilots to bomb Moscow. After numerous attempts by the Russians to gun down the bomber planes, one bomber was going to reach the capital and it was up to the President to convince the chairman of Russia that this was a mistake in order to not cause the nuclear war. He decided that if the bomber reached Moscow, then he would order a bomb in New York City to prove how honest and serious of a mistake was made. In this dilemma, the President bases his decision on utilitarianism. He decided that in order to protect the country as a whole, he would sacrifice one city due to the greatest happiness principles. He decided to save the greatest amount of people. Bombing New York City would be a tragic event because so many lives would be killed, but he had to prove a point and he realized if he only targets one city, the whole country would be able to survive. The Russians would most definitely bombed more than one place in our country killing thousands of more humans then there would have been in NYC. Also, the United States would get angry as well and bomb just as much in Russia, if not more, killing a larger amount of people then just the amount of people in Moscow. In the end, the President saved many lives regardless of how horrible of a mistake that occurred. Another character that was faced with a huge dilemma was General Black. Personally I feel that
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