Who Is My Hero's Journey?

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I stared out of the sliding door, looking at the stars above. My palms were sticking to the sliding door; I was standing behind the Fella Design curtain. How I wish I am a star, twinkle brightly in the darkness of night, free from fear and worry. I suddenly realised it was 3 o’clock in the morning and I slowly went into my bedroom and disappeared into the world of dream. He came back with that kind of look that made my heart beating wildly. I took a glance at my mother and sisters. All of us looked like as we were surrounded by dark cloud. Mother gave me a sign. I quickly took my sisters’ hand and headed to our bedroom. Suddenly we heard a loud screaming, followed by tears full of pain. My sisters and I were shaking on bed. We hugged each other till all of us went into a deep sleep, exhausted from fear. I remembered that night. Mother grabbed my hand. She asked my sisters and I to remain in silence and led us into our white car. She then rushed inside the house and in a blink of eyes she appeared with a big bag. She quickly started the engine and drove out of the house. That was the night when we left him alone in that house. I thought we would never come across him again. God has his own plan. One day after I came…show more content…
I was not sure whether I had completely recovered from this unique illness. He treated us much better than before even though we were far from each other. I had once heard that love was letting go. It was true. We felt complete when we had space for ourselves, far from each other. Destiny separated us but the thought of him during our sweet time together remained in my mind; the way he smiled at me and kissed me goodnight, the warmth of his hand holding mine in a crowded funfair made me felt so safe. I could felt his love when he told me a bedtime story, the story of a princess that had been rescued by prince charming. He then he placed a pillow between my arms when I slept so I felt

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