Becoming a Nurse

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Why I want to become a Nurse

One of the most common questions I am asked is why did you want to become a nurse? From the time I was a little girl when my auntie was diagnosed with cancer, I knew I wanted to be somewhere in the medical field. At first it was a doctor; then it grew to what I called a baby doctor, next, a pediatrician. The day I realized I wanted to be a nurse was just any other normal school day. I was driving to school, on time as usual, when I noticed a little old lady lying upside down in the steep driveway. It was a strange sight to see. I thought, “People are weird.” Then this innocent elderly woman raised her head and I saw the pain, confusion and blood on her face. I immediately turned around to help this poor lady. She had been walking to her car when she tripped down her driveway, nearly scraping half her hands and face off. She was very distraught and didn’t think a young thing like me could help her. She just kept telling me wait for the next car to pass and yell for help. I managed to get her rolled over and seated upward. Coincidentally, the woman across the street walked out of her house to go to work. She saw what was going on, and ran back inside to call 911. She then came back to help me calm this helpless, old lady while the ambulance came. Whether this woman remembers it or not, I could tell the look of relief on her face when someone was finally with her and comforting her. This is the moment I realized that nursing don’t get to be on the emotional side very often. They come to get their work done, and then leave. The nurse is the one who talks to the patient, becomes familiar with them, and even, in some cases, allow enough time for the patient to befriend and trust them. I don’t want to treat the patient and leave. I want to be the one to help, care, and support the patient when they are in need. The doctors can be

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