Narrative 900 Words

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Gina D’Angiolillo Period 6 1/15/14 Narrative Writing: 900 words She read the text message on her phone. She paused, gasped and took a very deep breath. “Why is this happening to me?!” she screamed as tears ran down her soft pale face. She got out of her old beat up car and ran to her room, slamming every door in her path. As she laid in her bed, sobbing into her feather pillow, she wondered if this was the time for her to die. She has been dreading this day for over two years now, and finally it is here. Every day she woke up terrified that that day would be the God awful day her worst night mare came true. But she doesn’t have to wonder if that day would be it, because today is the day. Today is the day her life changes before her eyes. There’s a knock on her bedroom door. “Sierra honey, are you alright?” her mother said, sounding worried. “Yeah, I’m fine,” Sierra says as she wipes away the tears from her cheeks, “just tired.” “Okay, well dinner will be ready soon. Do you want me to fix you up a plate?” her mother asked anxiously. “I’m not hungry” “Okay, I’ll put the left overs in the fridge if you want some later,” says her mother sounding concerned. “Okay mom” she says hoping her mom would go back down stairs and leave her alone so she could sneak off into the bathroom without being caught by her mom so she doesn’t have to explain why her face is all puffy and red like she has just been crying for 3 hours, even though she had been. She hurries off to the bathroom and closes the door very quietly so no one can hear her, not even her dog. She opens her drawer and searches for the box of razor blades she has hidden in the back. Once she finds them, she opens the box and takes out one of the four razor blades that the little black box contained. She held the razor up to her pale white wrist and pushes down hard and starts to cut herself
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