Emotional Rollercoaster of Child Birth Essay

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The Emotional Rollercoaster of Child Birth Michael Thomas Eng 121 English Composition 1 Instructor Amiee Garten January 3, 2013 Has there been a situation in your life, where your emotions felt like they were on a rollercoaster? When I think back on November 26, 2005; I remember feeling like my emotions went on rollercoaster ride. On that day my daughter Alyssa was born and I had sentiments of anxiety, sadness, joy, and lastly a sense of pride. At that point in time I didn’t know the joy of becoming a new parent would leave such an emotional impact on my life. When I think back to the day my daughter was born, so many different emotions ran through me. One of which was anxiety, that this new person was about to come into my life and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I had awakened to my wife telling me we had to go to the hospital, that she had talked to the doctor and he was afraid that she was leaking her abiotic fluid, and that the our baby daughter might be in distress. I had gotten dressed, grabbed her bags, and started out for the hospital. After we had arrived the nurses escorted us up the delivery floor and had strapped my wife into a fetal monitor to check our baby’s status. I was so worried that something might be wrong, that our baby girl would be in trouble. As I sat there listening to my baby girl I knew I was in for the ride of my life. I watched, with a concerned look while the doctor had manually broken my wife’s water. I felt so worried and sad because I didn’t know what I could do to comfort my wife. Seeing her in so much pain I felt hopeless and sad. Because this was our first child being born to us I didn’t have a clue on what I should’ve done. So I held my wife’s hand and did the best I could to comfort her. Letting her know everything was going to be okay and that she was doing great. While doing this I started to shed tears and

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