Personal Narrative: An Interview With Thomas Build-The Fire

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A firing interview I have requested this interview because Thomas Build-the-Fire is a very intriguing person, and knowing his story, he’s a very misunderstood person. I think our readers would love to get to know him a little more. Thomas requested for the interview to be conducted at his house. He explained that at his house is where the spirits talk louder and more clear to him, and he would like to share some of this stories with us. We arrived at Thomas Builds-the-Fire house, He greets us, and proceeds to direct us to his living room. He lives in a very humble house. Not too many furniture, just a sofa and coffee table are the decorations there, and so we begin the interview. -Thomas thanks for accepting our invite for this interview…show more content…
I never had a chance to meet him, I always wonder what he looked like, I have never seen a picture of him, not grown anyways. There are some picture of him when he was younger but that’s it. I wish I could have had a chance to meet him and talk to him. His absence from my life really affected me. I never had a father figure and being a young boy at the reservation I really needed his advice. I needed his guidance and protection. Oh, man I wish I could have had him in my life. As far as my mother, that also brings pain and sorrow to my heart. She died while giving birth to me. She died while I was still inside her. She gave her life for me. Sanchez, 2 I was her first child and people always tell me how excited she was to have me. Not having your parents in your life can be very tough on you.” Well Thomas I’m sorry to hear this. So tell me who took care of you when you were a baby? “ My mother’s father brought me to his house and took care of me.” -How was your relationship with him? Can you tell us more about him? “ It was not a great relationship, we never got along, He was a very strict person, never really showed emotions. It was as if he never was there for me when I needed him. I don’t like to talk about him.” Okay, so then let’s move on. Tell me how was your relationship with victor? Can we consider him your best friend growing…show more content…
We made eye contact and I could tell that he felt obligated to listen to the story I was telling. However, he was with two of his friends and as he was making his way towards me I could hear his friends making fun of him. He did not hesitate, he came by me and asked me to start the story from the beginning. I felt good about it, he listened through out the whole story even his friends joined us!.” How has your life changed since coming back from Phoenix? “ It really has changed for the better. More people are stopping to listen to my stories. I’m not being looked at as the crazy guy telling stories over and over again. Are you telling new stories? “ I am and it is in due to the fact the people actually listen to me now. I kept telling my stories over and over and over again because people would not listen to me. I had to make sure they knew them well so they could be pass them down to their children and grand children before I could tell new ones.” Why is it important that they know them well, and that they’re telling them to their kids? “ It’s important because that’s how our traditions and costumes are still alive. Can you imagine if no native knew about our past? We would lose our identity. We would not know who we really are.” Well Thomas this has been a pleasant experience, and a great interview. Thank you for your

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