When Rain Clouds Gather Essay

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n the novel When Rain Clouds Gather, the author and the protagonist, Makhaya, have many issues of suffering and trauma in their lives. Makhaya throughout the book attempts to reconcile these issue and create a new future for himself. Although Makhaya does not achieve total closure, he realize a sense of peace though belonging to a community and improving the standard of life in Botswana. Makhaya is shown as a desperate and hopeless man who is weak and unstable when he arrives in Golema Mmidi as he is not regarded as human in apartheid South Africa. Makhaya says; “I want to feel what it is like to live in a free country and maybe some of the evils in my life will correct themselves.” Head describes his inner self as “a jumble of chaotic discord.” In this, he borders on the line between sanity and insanity as he crosses into Botswana. Makhaya’s eventual healing happens when he attains deliverance by discharging his despair and anguish to the kind, motherly character of Mma Millipede. Makhaya conflicts are diluted as he finds hope in humanity when the village of Golema Mmidi welcomes him in with open arms. He is given a home, a job, refugee status and a family. This completes his search for identity in the village. Makhaya’s final source of oppression is removed when Matenge dies and this allows him to live the rest of his life in ease. The novel also deals with deals with the problem of tribalism. Head uses the character of Makhaya to show how the system of tribalism develops inequalities and creates a lack of knowledge. For Makhaya this ignorance created by tribalism is a constant source of irritation for him. Makhaya’s ‘educated’ thoughts differ from the tribal ways of thinking which would make him an individual. As an individual his rebellious tendencies creates internal conflicts which constantly create further chaos in his mind. Makhaya first

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