Unit 5 Assignment 1: Intercultural Conflict Analysis

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Unit 5 Assignment 1: Intercultural Conflict Analysis What I believe the sources of conflict are poor communication, differing values, differing interests, scarce resources, personality clashes, and poor performance. These can ultimately lead to a lot of things depending on the setting. In a work environment, it can lead to someone losing their job. Between individuals, it can lead to a fight or loss of a relationship. If nations are involved, it can lead to imminent war. Different communication styles can lead to misunderstandings between employees, individuals or friends, and nations as well. A lack of communication can drive conflict underground. This entire world is made up of individuals and nations who see things differently. Everybody has different values. So with that in mind, conflict will occur when individuals or nations have a lack of acceptance and understanding of these different values. Conflicts with differing interests occur when individuals or nations combat for their personal or nation goals as a whole, often ignoring the organizational goals and well-being, or other nation’s goals and well-being. Scarce resources can cause a lot of conflict. Especially between two countries. When there is a scarce resource and another country has it and is not willing to trade or part ways with it, a war can ultimately begin. Between two people a fight can ensue over competition over the scarce resource. All of this despite awareness of how scarce the resource may actually be. Personality clashes can cause inevitable conflict especially between individuals. As well as between nations when two different leaders have differing personalities. People have to accept and understand each other and their personalities as well as help each other with problem solving. Poor performance conflict you’ll typically find in a work environment although it can be

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