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Running head: LEADERSHIP PHILOSOPHY What is My Philosophy of Leadership? What is My Philosophy Of Leadership? Trying to decide what defines a person as an ethical leader is not always something easily done. Certain roles call for certain strengths and determining what makes one successful or unsuccessful is a difficult task. Situational decision-making is something that many face in the field of leadership. They must make a decision based on the “here and now.” The decision made at that moment is what can define the way in which the world views that leader. But the biggest question of all may be, “How does that leader view himself?” “We live in a world where leaders are often morally disappointing.”…show more content…
It often seems that there are headlines concerning affairs, theft, embezzlement, misrepresentation, drugs, etc. unfortunately, these are problems seen in our country with many people. The fact that our leaders are human is a part of their failure. I often wonder, however, if the pressure of leadership makes them more susceptible to a loss of self-control, or is it because they feel as though they are beyond reproach? I believe that anyone who is in a leadership role should understand that they will be scrutinized more closely than those who are not. Because of this, I believe that a leader should be more cautious and reserved in their public and personal lives. Yes, they are human, but they are setting an example for others to follow. If a person cannot demonstrate self-control on a personal level, how are we to trust that they will exercise self-control on a professional level? What does this do to the trust that has been built between leaders and followers? Many times what separates leaders from the rest is the fact that they are viewed as competent, trustworthy, and dependable. When someone fails in such crucial areas are marital commitments, financial responsibilities, and sins of other natures, it is viewed as a weakness. Even when they admit fault and responsibility for what they have done, the damage is done. It takes much time and much effort to regain the trust that was once

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