Conflict Can Have Lasting Effects on Relationships and Society.

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Continuous conflict has consistently caused detrimental effects on human society. On the one hand, the selfish desires of a nation can cause many others to suffer pain as the actions of one can inflict sadness on another. The past can change how the society view conflict as a whole and can influence long-term effects. However, others feel that human nature has forced us to act with whatever means necessary to achieve sustainability, thus conflict and its hardships are in fact inevitable. History has shown that conflict begins as a result of individuals, groups and even nation’s desires to their needs, beliefs and interests. In times of conflict, the relationships between one another can lead to potential possibilities. The tension created by the Cold Vietnam War against the North and the South on December 1956 to the fall of Saigon on 30th April 1975, has created many complications. Vietnam was a country overrun by ruthless northern dictators to change the country into a land ruled by communism in which contrasted the ideas of the South. Families, relatives and friends have lost their home and the effect of this conflict has in turn permanently scared the minds of the innocence. According to the quote “Each day of war takes us farther from all we could hope to be or do. We gain nothing but heartbreak, and lose everything we cherish” by a Vietnamese survivor shows us how war creates nothing but death and devastation. Because of the disagreement between the borders of the country, a ruthless war changed Vietnam, who was once a peaceful country, into a land of battles and war zones. Therefore, conflict between the relationships of others can cause war and lead to problems. Sometimes to succeed in what we strive for, we may have to act in a contradictory matter which can progress into long-term effects. The removal of the families upon the Aboriginal descents has
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