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Hunger of Memory Analysis

  • Submitted by: vjrsoccer
  • on November 20, 2013
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                In his book Hunger of Memory, Richard Rodriguez writes on the feelings of grief, anger, and isolation he felt in his growing up separated from his family by his intellect, elaborating on these emotions and overall inspiring his readers, just as William Faulkner designates as the duty of the writer.   In his first essay, William expresses just how alone and lost he felt not knowing anyone, as well as not knowing how to communicate with others, finding his only solace to be at home.   He changes up the feel of the book in his second essay, when he reverses these feeling entirely, now only finding comfort in his schooling.   Lastly, in his third essay, he talks about how it feels to become your own person, to completely break away from your old life, which of course brings about many powerful emotions.  
In his first essay, Richard describes his isolation from the outside world in vivid detail.   For example, he says “Until I was seven years old, I did not know the names of the kids across the street.”   With lines like these, he brings the reader into his life.   He gives you all that he know, all that he feels, then allows you to experience what he experienced through his words.   In his banquet speech. Faulkner talk about a writer not writing from his heart, and how “His griefs grieve on no universal bones, leaving no scars.”   I believe that by bringing us into is world, Richard makes his pains our pains, thus doing as Faulkner says a writer should do, “grieving on universal bones”.
Next, in his second paragraph, Richard reverses the feelings of the reader, shedding new light on the topic of his parents, making them out to almost seem like bad people for not being educated.   What’s really special about this essay is that we know the parents have done nothing wrong, and don’t deserve the poor treatment they receive from their son, we can understand it because we know all that Richard knows.   His inclusion of us on his own journey allows us to vindicate...

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