When I Came To America Essay

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Before I came to America, I really concerned about my academic studies. I want to be an excellent student like when I was in China. But I do not have confidence in my English ability. “I cannot compete with American students because their first language is English,” I said to my friends when we talked about my “exciting” life after I go to America. Some friends reduced my pressure by their understanding about American students; “All they like to do is join in the party; you will never see them studying in the library more than three hours. The truth is you cannot compete with them in language, but you can compete with any American student in academic study, because they are so lazy.” I was so excited, even though I did not know if it was true or not. After a whole day trip, I found my dorm in PFT with a tired body and spirit. “What does my roommate like?” I was thinking before I opened the door. All the lights were on but no body was in the room. I looked around his side and saw two flags hanging on the wall. There was a funny picture with three people made strange…show more content…
I had not seen him for three days. On the third evening, he came back with his huge schoolbag and an excited face. “Michael, where did you go those days?” I asked him. “Have you heard about the Virginia Tech Massacre?” Michael asked me when he was changing his dirty clothes. “Yes, that’s terrible.” I said. “I went to Virginia Tech after I heard the news and interviewed people there. I came back and finished my report today. You can read my article now before it is published by the city newspapers and university newspapers.” Michael gave me a surprising answer. “Michael, what were you thinking about? That’s dangerous!” I could not believe him. “I know it’s dangerous, but it’s my major, my job.” He took a shower and fell asleep quickly because he was so tired. “Hi, dude,” I called my friend, “I am afraid you are

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