A Mutable Self

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I. Mary Bateson, the author of A Mutable Self is asking a lot of questions throughout her essay. She asks a majority of her questions dealing with culture and the customs that certain cultures have with individuality and treating one another. Bateson sounds like a very traveled person when she talks about her past experiences in here essay. She is on the grounds to ask questions about the difference of American culture compared to the middle Eastern culture and style of life. The situation that is presented allows her to ask these questions because she deals with these situations and cultural clashes while on her journeys and time spent in other countries. II. Bateson talks about the marriage of a women and how even if the woman does not plan on working after marriage she still has to think about money and the survival of the marriage. I think this argument is located outside the broader spectrum because it is just a part of the intro into her essay rather than the issue she deals with later in her work. This passage is relatable to my life because although the women are wished luck in certain cultures she can be cast off by her family into a new world in a new house and style of living. A like college life for me I have not been able to ask my parents for help all too often but rather live my life by myself with my own money and experiences. Bateson sat in on a day of preschool for her daughter. While at school she realizes the big culture difference between the groups of humans when the teacher throws away all of the drawings done by the children during their drawing time. This passage shows the huge difference between a cultures that rewards creativity in children to not showing any concern in their creativity at all. I really like a passage about learning a new language in the Philippines. The people that were planning on learning Pilipino did not
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