The Causes Of Immigrant

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The Causes of Immigrant Canada has been widely recognized as one of the greatest immigration countries in the last decade. As reported, over 2 million people have immigrated to Canada in order to achieve a new life. A number of people from all over the world have moved to Canada for varieties of reasons, such as having high level welfare, giving children better lives, and looking for a safe country. The most attractive factor is that there is a high level welfare system in Canada. First of all, Canada has relatively sound health care system for every immigrant to enjoy free medical service whenever they have any problems with their health. Every new immigrant family are entitled to have a free annual physical examination. In addition, the Canadian government provides enough pensions to retired seniors so that they can enjoy happy retired lives. After 65-year-old, the seniors can apply for the federal pension plan that includes income protection subsidies, basic old-age allowance and partner allowance. More importantly, the government finances new comers for the English learning and the further education and helps them find professional jobs. Every immigrant is allowed to join LINC and ESL class for free, and then go to college for their careers development in future. Finally, after several years, they can get better lives as they expect. Moreover, all immigrants want their children to have better lives in Canada. For instance, the high school students in China have to study very hard without leisure time because of intense competition from the huge population of China as there are 1.4 billion people in China. Likewise, the children in poor countries have less chance for schooling. However, in Canada, they can have an equal chance to enjoy a free education from grade 1 to grade 12. After high school, they also have several choices to make, such as going to college,
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