What You Eat Is Your Business Analysis

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Our nation is suffering from a very frightening, debilitating, and prevalent problem: obesity. It affects people of all ages, and some have predicted that by 2020, 50% of Americans will suffer from obesity. Obviously this is an epidemic, and as Americans are wont to do, we have to blame someone. Who, exactly, should shoulder the responsibility of this massive problem? Americans have adopted horrible eating habits, with a variety of factors influencing our food choices. Highly palatable, “brown” food, has overrun our food options and become highly accessible. Furthermore, studies have shown that fast food and processed food is just as addictive as heroin, as it inhibits our dopamine receptors in the same way cocaine or heroin does, over-stimulating…show more content…
They must take responsibility for their health and well-being, and stand up for what is right and necessary. There has to be balance between the two. For instance, in our reading by Radley Balko, “What You Eat Is Your Business,” he states that it is entirely up to an individual to make the right choices, and that too much government interference is contributing to the problem. He’s right, but not in the way he presents it. The government is interfering in exactly the wrong way, that is to say, they advocate for the very issues that makes America fat, such as allowing pharmaceutical companies to thrive off of our obesity related illnesses and allowing companies like Monsanto to poison our food and limit our options for healthy fruits and…show more content…
They fail to control their appetites and impulses, but in fact it is not about lack of self-control or willpower. And she is right, because society has morphed into having this standard of how people are supposed to look, yet society does not provide themselves with the solution. What is the solution? Our right to healthy food needs to be returned to us, and we need to demand a higher standard of healthy eating and options for our healthy lifestyles. That is the American people’s responsibility. The American Government has an obligation to provide options and not focus on the monetary aspect of such a

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