What Was The Causes Of The American Revolution

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Aaron Hakakian History Take Home Causes of the American Revolution Colonial America sought their independence from Great Britain for many years. In 1776, after much interference from the Boston Massacre, England, the Boston Tea Party, and many other obstacles, they received their freedom. Those causes resulted in new government, new constitutions, and an independent nation. There were many causes that sparked America's new need of individuality and eventually the American Revolution. John Adams explains how the revolution began when he says, "The Revolution was affected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people”. Thomas Hobbs created the idea of “popular sovereignty”, which is defined as a government for the people. Some causes were the Effects of the French and Indian War which included the: Proclamation of 1763, The Navigation Acts, Writs of Assistance, New Taxes, Boycotts, Townshend Acts,…show more content…
In the mid 17th century, England required that all trade between British territories be carried on British ships and routed through Britain to ensure that proper duties were paid. These laws were called the Navigation Acts. In an effort to boost the economy of Britain, during the latter years of the French & Indian War, the British government began cracking down on American smugglers. They then created the Writs of Assistance which gave the British ability to have a non-questionable warrant, which gave them the power to search the anything, for whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. Angered by this trampling of their rights, colonial merchants voiced their disapproval. In 1761, Boston lawyer James Otis challenged the legality of the Writs of Assistance in court arguing that they violated the constitutional rights of the colonists. Though defeated, Otis inspired the need of individuality from the
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