Explain How Revolutionary Was The American Revolution

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How Revolutionary was the American Revolution The American revolution was during the last half of the 18th century in which thirteen colonies in North America joined together to break free from British rule, combining to become the United States of America. The American Revolution had momentous consequences. Though the question is, how revolutionary was the American Revolution? Furthermore, was it a huge turn or just partial, to the shaping of the United States or the impacts it has had to this day? The American Revolution has caused changes, in such as political independence, social equality, land reform, and economics. As stated before, the American Revolution has brought political independence within our nation, and I also feel as if it caused great change. Take for example, Andre Bassett’s 1776 drawing La Destruction de la Statue Royale a Nouvelle York, it portrays the destruction of a statue of King George 3rd of England during the Revolution. The statue is symbolic to monarchy, and people of all sorts came…show more content…
As it altered social expectations, it led to demands that the vote be extended to a larger portion of the population and that public offices be elected by the people rather. During and after the revolution, smaller forms and artisan and laborers began increasingly to participate in state legislative elections. In Jacksons Turner Mains “Government by the People which appeared in Volume 23 of William and Mary Quarterly has clearly shown statistically that the government officials increased. The Revolution also created a government in which you no longer necesarly had to be born into a prodigious and wealthy family to make a change in the government officials increased. In other word , leaders in the new government were less worthy, and less likely to be connected by marriage and kinship then those before the
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