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RADICAL AMERICA The definition of radical is characterized by departure from tradition. It is a progression of something, a way of thinking, a religious belief, or even a sense of right and wrong. The American Revolution was a complete social reform supporting a very different way of life. It embodied every aspect of this definition. To me and many others the Revolutionary war was very radical. The American Revolution was as radical as any revolution in modern history, for it replaced monarchial authority with representative government and created a society that was far more democratic than even the founding fathers had anticipated (Stories from PA). The radicals of the colonies did not want to be held under British rule any longer. They…show more content…
Not only did they risk their own lives and land, they risked those of their families and neighbors. Thomas Paine pressured people to see the extent of the monarchy threatening them. Another revolutionary radical, Patrick Henry, stood up for liberty against the evil acts of Britain. Freethinkers like John Locke, John Toland, Matthew Tindal and other freethinkers and deists led the battle in Britain against state-sponsored religion, and led the fight for civil liberty (Ritcheson). Conservative, these men were not. Defenders of reason, liberty, freedom of person, and conscience, they led the fight also against monarchy and oligarchy (Jefferson Libertarian). These men and many more are the reason that the United States of America is what it is. The revolution may have been bold and risky but these men created one of the first republics of the world. The American Revolution was an event of far-reaching importance. On the continent of Europe it contributed to the coming of another and yet more explosive revolution. It would have been strange if the greatest political crisis for many decades had no importance for moderate radicals in the commonwealth tradition. It set American on a path, on a pursuit of happiness. The American Revolution was by far one of the most, if not the most, radical of all the revolutions of world
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