How Did The American Revolution Compared To The Egyptian Revolution

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Egyptian Revolution The relevance of a revolution in a far place like Egypt may be questioned by some, however, for those who aware of the American government involvement in that country stability it is clear that what has just transpired is indeed a historical event. As the revolution in the United States has shaped the lives of Americans, hopefully the Egyptians can use that example of a functional democracy as a model for themselves. Many people saw television news networks that masses of Egyptian people crowded the streets of their country to show their discontent about their right to basic human rights and freedom. These demonstrations were cause by a society that was politically oppressed by a military dictatorship for almost 30 years. According to historian Noam Chomsky, Hosni Mubarak…show more content…
First, before it became a sovereign nation, the king of England indirectly and directly governed the US and the colonists grew to reject that as an authority figure. The early Americans and current Egyptians share the same struggle by having their lives controlled by a foreign country. The American Revolution occurred when thirteen colonies decided to come together to break free from the British Empire. They rejected the right of the British Parliament to govern them from across the Atlantic Ocean without representation. Taxation without representation was the main reason for their rebellion. The thirteen colonies established a body of government to form individual self-governing states. The British sent over troops to regain direct rule. The colonies fought back which caused the American Revolutionary War, also known as the American War of Independence. The American Revolution was the result of a series of social, political and intellectual unrest. The American people wanted to live in a democracy where the government is responsible to the will of the

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