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There are many things that make up a journey for example the type of journey, the reason for the journey, the catalyst, obstacles and assistance. All these things make up a journey to explain these concepts I will be talking about our class text, the film almost famous and my related text the poem a road not taken by Robert Frost. On a journey there will be a series of events or a dramatic change that will spark the journey this is called the catalyst. The catalyst in almost famous begins when Williams’s sister Anita leaves home as she thinks her mother is too strict. When Anita leaves she whispers in to his ear to look under his bed, the camera then cuts and we see William pull a bowling bag from under his bed with all of Anita’s Rock and Roll records, this then sparks Williams love for rock and roll. The director shows this to us by doing a close up shot on Williams face when he finds the records and then his fingers carefully running along the covers. In the poem a road not taken the catalyst starts when the Narrator gets to a fork in is journey this is shown in the when it says ‘two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both’. On a journey there will always be some sort of assistance, either physically or mentally in the movie almost famous, Lester bangs is one of the people William meets along his journey. Lester Bangs is a music journalist and encourages William in his love of music and gives him his first assignment. When William goes to a concert to write is first assignment he meets Penny Lane and the Band-Aids. Penny also becomes of assistance on William’s journey as she adopts the role of Williams guide in his journey and encourages him to live his life. After William meets Lester and Penny It becomes clear to us that William’s journey has started, this is shown when Penny does an impersonation of a fight attendant as it

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