Guy Montag In Fahrenheit 451

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The society we live in now is full of hatred and war, but the society Guy Montag lives in has the illusion of being full of happiness. Montag starts out like everybody else. He is not interested about why they do things the way they do, but more of how things are done. Then throughout the book many characters make him see his society different. Four main characters that influence his point of view on the world are Clarisse, the Old Woman, Beatty, and Faber. Montag’s first encounter with Clarisse was a very big part on how he would change his views on his society. When they first started talking, Clarisse said something about the billboards and the grass. (9, 10) She mentions how the billboards were made bigger and how the grass was just…show more content…
Beatty is full of all this knowledge and starts telling Montag the background of firemen. Beatty says Benjamin Franklin was the first fireman and around the Civil War was when they started burning books. (34) Then he tells Montag how classics were cut to fifteen minute radio shows, and then cut again to fit a two minute book column because all people care about is the ending. (54) Montag is just taking everything in and Beatty keeps rambling on. Now Beatty tells Montag why the public lets comic books stay but not the books. The public doesn’t let the books stay because they bashed on people and that doesn’t make people happy so books don’t fit in with society. (57) Beatty told Montag that authors were full of evil thoughts and their thoughts would upset the public. The public was so vast that we can’t have our minorities upset and stirred. (57) Then Beatty asks Montag, “What do we want in this country, above all?” To be happy and Montag agrees with Beatty. That is why we burn books such as Uncle Tom’s Cabin, because white people don’t feel good about it. (59) Everything Beatty just got done telling Montag made him wonder how Beatty knows all this. Does Beatty read books? Does he have books? How does Beatty know all this…show more content…
Faber plays a big role on how Montag develops into doing things he had thought out. Montag finds Faber’s number and ask Faber if there were anymore copies of Shakespeare or the Bible left. Faber tells Montag that he can’t say anything over the phone because it could be someone else trying to bust him. So Montag goes to Faber’s house and tells him that he wants Faber to teach him how to understand what he reads in books. (82) Faber gave into this and made a green bullet so he can read Montag to sleep at nights. (91) The green bullet lets Montag hear Beatty and vice versa. (92) This device helps Montag while he talks to Beatty. Then when Beatty and Montag went on a fire run they ended up at Montag’s house. Millie and her friends turned him in and Beatty found out about the green bullet when it came out of Montag’s ear and broke it. Montag ended up burning Beatty to death and running back to Faber’s house. On the way to Faber’s house Montag puts books in firemen’s houses. When Montag got back to Faber’s house they made a plan. The plan was for Montag to find the hobos and evade the mechanical hound. (147, 152, 153) Evading the mechanical hound was easy with liquor. Another part of the plan was for Faber go make copies of the book Montag brought home from the Old Woman’s house. Montag ends up with the hobos and they memorize certain books. The town was destroyed because of the war nobody paid attention

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