What Is the Most Destructive Event in the Universe? Exploratory Essay

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What is the Most Destructive Event in the Universe? If asked what the most destructive event in the universe is, most people would tell you they think it is a black hole. Black holes are surely very powerful and destructive, but what if there was something even more powerful and destructive? It is important to know and understand these events because the knowledge destructive events have to offer can help us avoid catastrophe in the future as well as help improve our understanding about the universe we live in now. There are many points of view in the scientific world about which event is the most destructive: There are those who believe a black hole is the most powerful even in the universe; there are scientists that believe that a supernova is the most destructive; and there are scientists that believe gamma ray bursts are the most powerful. There are many events in the cosmos that can cause a great deal of chaos and disorder. Most of these events are a mystery and are not well understood. What are they? Why do these events happen? What makes these events important? Finally, and arguably the most important question, are they a danger to us as a civilization? Why is it important to learn about destructive forces in our reality? Well, in order to fully comprehend the vast, complex universe that we live in, destructive forces must be studied in order to advance the human race as a whole. There are many academic studies that focus on the destructive potential of many forces in our universe. Scientists and astronomers work countless hours to better understand the forces that govern our cosmos. Generally, someone interested in this topic would have an inherent desire for understanding as well as questioning about the reality that they happen to be a part of, someone with an insatiable hunger for knowledge. As is common with scientific observations, there is much

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