The Nuclear Arms Race Made the World a More Dangerous Place 1949-63

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The nuclear arms race made the world a more dangerous place 1949-63 During the course of history many Arms races have developed, however this one was different. These nuclear weapons possessed an incredible amount of destructive power which meant that both superpowers, the USA and USSR, found themselves in a situation where doing everything to intimidate their adversary by being the more superior superpower to prevent direct nuclear warfare was vital. It is for this reason that this stage of the cold war is seen by some as the most key stage as well as a pivotal turning point. From what looked like initially a simple issue at first with more of these weapons being produced therefore the world would become a more dangerous place it can be assumed. This isn’t case with as this arms race progressed it became clear about the catastrophic dangers nuclear warfare would bring if the weapons were ever deployed. Seeing the fact that during this period the world was brought to the very brink of annihilation in 1962 but in spite of that the world survived that fearful time and has made significant progress in peace from this period of time to the modern day. So it can be said that bizarrely the nuclear arms race didn’t make the world a more dangerous place as one would assume but rather pushed the world to more peaceful times. On the other hand people’s reaction towards the view at the time i may hold some truth as destructive potential of nuclear war never ceased during this period. The horrific power shown by these weapons when used on Nagasaki and Hiroshima didn’t cause others to be fearful of the USA’s weaponry and to stop production of new weaponry but rather ironically increased it. In the space of nine years in 1954 both superpowers had lithium bombs in their arsenal, more powerful than the atomic deployed by the Americans in japan previous. Even the

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