Contamination Around the World Essay

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How the contamination affects the world is amazing, but it is even more amazing seem that there is people who do not care about it. Moreover there is no doubt that excessive levels of pollution are causing a lot of damage to the environment. But, there is no single cause of the contamination; on the contrary it is caused by humans in different ways such as the industrialization, the population growth and damage to the natural resources. The industrialization is the first fundamental cause of pollution. The main polluter in the world is nowadays the industry. Among other detrimental things, industries use lots of fossil fuels as oil, gas and coal which are the main sources of pollution. The industry has been the one who pollutes the most. There are many industries around the world that using the fossil fuels are making too much smoke that pollutes the environment because of the emission of gases and harmful substances on the air. Those gases can spread locally or at big distances contaminating big areas. Besides of the air, industries often contaminate water and land of the surrounding areas. In fact, Industrialization is the cause of most contamination in the world. The second fundamental pollution cause is population growth. Lots of people means over crowded places. Then, people produce garbage, and being a big population they will not recollect the contamination as fast as it is produced being an important pollution cause on the world. Besides waste, another way to see that population growth as a cause of pollution is that cities become being bigger and as big is the city, big is the pollution on it. Also, Transports are another source of pollution related with population growth. For example, a research found that USA 60% of the gas pollution is caused by auto vehicles. That is because vehicles also use fossil fuels for operation. The combustion engine is

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