Bermuda Triagle Research Essay

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Most of today's society has heard of The Bermuda Triangle, but the expression has become so clouded with popular myths and beliefs, that only few can really give an account of what it really is. The Bermuda Triangle is actually two things. First off, it is a geographic area of the North Atlantic Ocean located off the South East coast of the United States. It generally lies in and around three nodal points: the island of Bermuda, Miami, Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. A nodal point is considered any of the four primary directions on a compass rose: North, South, East, or West. It can hardly be denied that this area of the Earth does exist. But, of course, when most refer to the Bermuda Triangle they really mean the enigma of the Bermuda Triangle. This is the area's great controversy. The enigma is that more ships and planes disappear in this area than in any other place in the world, for no readily explainable reason. However, if you were to research this topic you would find many scientific explanations as to what the great mystery is behind the disappearance of these ships and aircraft. The Bermuda Triangle is just another area of the Earth where, like all areas on this vast planet, human error may be present and the great forces of nature are always there to find any weak links. Discover for yourself the endless possibilities and how nature's explanations can seem more unique than the idea of a flying saucer devouring a plane or ship. When you think of all the accomplishments mankind has made over the years, you also can't deny the mistakes and error which may have led to them. On the topic of the Bermuda Triangle, many disappearances happened during the early 1900's. This time period is a major key to realizing that while the world was moving forward fast with new inventions, it came with great errors such as the famous Star Tiger and Star Ariel of Britain.

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