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What Is Human Services Debra Tatum BSHS/302 November 14, 2011 Teresa Levesque What Is Human Services The nature and purpose of human services is to meet human needs, offering prevention and remedies for problems that may exist and committing to improving the qualities of life. It is meeting the needs of people and to enhance their well-being, focusing on the needs and enablement of oppressed, vulnerable people living in poverty. According to Dickens (1996), “human services are those service industries that are mainly concerned with supplying a product that concerns people’s welfare and well-being. The aim of a human service is therefore to change the consumer, rather than merely deliver a service, and the consumer and raw materials are the same.” Human Services accomplishes it mission by way of offering social, health and educational care, including those agencies that improve, enrich, or clarify human problems, and provide welfare or care services. The Goal of Human Services The goal of human services is to build a community where all members may have the opportunity to meet their basic needs, economically, socially, and physically, for the improvement of quality of life. This community would be caring, nurturing and supporting individuals, and their families. This is accomplished by promoting an effective human services delivery system. An effective human services delivery system recognizes opportunities and creates strategies practical and preventive in their tactics to the needs of human services then and in the future. It will focus on the needs of the individuals who make up the community. As stated by Martin (2011), “The chief goal of the human service professional is to support individuals as well as communities function at their maximum potential, overcoming personal and social barriers as effectively as possible in the major

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