Unit 4222-246 Essay

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Marian Richardson Unit 4222-246 (LD 202) Support person-centred thinking and planning Understand the principles and practice of person-centred thinking, planning and reviews Outcome1.1 Identify the beliefs and values on which person-centred thinking and planning is based. Person Centred Planning puts the ‘person’ at the centre of a planning process and shifts power to them. It provides an effective way to listen and respond to people. The approach encourages us to take direction from people by identifying their gifts, interests and desires. This makes it different from traditional approaches in assessment and individual planning. Person Centred Planning is a way to help people think what they want/need out of life and plan how to do it. The person is the ‘key’ to the planning process. The planning process helps to get others who care about the individual to help in the planning and doing. Person Centred Planning is based on an explicit set of beliefs and values concerning people with disabilities, services and communities. At the heart of all the planning approaches is the belief that every single individual has their own life to lead, a life that is right for them. Outcome1.2 Define person centred thinking, person centred planning and person centred reviews Person-centred planning is a way of trying to find out the needs of a disabled individual in order to improve their life. It usually involves sitting down with their friends and family and helping them attain what they need. It ensures that what is done is in accordance with what is important to that person. Outcome 1.3 Describe the difference that person centred thinking can make to individuals and their families Helps people work out what they want in their lives and make them feel stronger and more confident. Clarify what support people need to pursue aspirations. Bring people
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